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Julian is awkward, athletic, and knows a fun fact or two. According to his friends, the most important aspect about him is that he's still a virgin. Except, the thing is, sex never crosses Julian's mind. He doesn't understand what the big deal is. Julian's tired of all the pressure. He just wants his friends off his back once and for all.

Quinn is the captain of the soccer team and a straight A student who undeniably loves sex. And who cares? Her body, her decisions. Guys can love sex, so why can't girls? With the double standard, she's found herself with a bad rep. Her friends don't believe she can hold a relationship. But Quinn's competitive. She may not care to date but she's determined to prove her friends wrong.

Julian and Quinn are seemingly polar opposites. Coaxed on a date through a dare, each only carry half the story. Together they learn there is far more to a person beyond stereotypes, societies expectations, and that love has more than one meaning.

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