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New Adult Book Box

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- SIGNED copy of Cancel Shawn Boston by Savy Leiser and RK Gold

- Mug

- Coaster

- Choice of bookmark

- Choice of coffee or tea (want more than 1 sample? Check out extra coffee/tea product).

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Rick has been terrified of the internet ever since he accidentally became a meme 5 years ago, when a video of his asshole grandpa totally owning him in a fight went viral. After giving up his dreams of being a musician, Rick is stuck bartending at a comedy club and accompanying comedians on his drum set from behind a curtain. When he learns that subpar musicians like Shawn Boston have been able to make it big on the internet without any talent, his best friend convinces him to make a video exposing Shawn’s lack of musical skill.

As the artist of the adorable Punk Kitty enamel pin and patch brand, Lindsey has always relied on her good looks and natural charm to sell her work at comic conventions. When the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 causes all the year’s conventions to shut down, Lindsey is forced to turn to the scary world of e-commerce. After weeks of no sales, Lindsey thinks she’s doomed. But when she catches massive internet celebrity Shawn Boston plagiarizing her best friend’s art for his new album cover and creates a video exposing him for it, she blows up overnight.

Rick and Lindsey meet in the comment sections of each other’s videos exposing Shawn Boston. Will their collabs lead to love? Or will they, too, fall into the trap of getting canceled online?

Check out @savyleiser and @rkgold on Instagram to learn more about them.