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Can there be a world without chaos?

Theodore, a teen activist, has been in a year-long fight to get his parents justice after they were murdered. He’s nearly lost faith in humanity as each protest brings him no closer to progress. Yet, millions of people are watching his every move. He has to fight, he has to create change, he has to protect.

Theo is exhausted. He wishes he could disappear to another planet, give up his responsibilities, stop caring, and not be the teen who saves the world—for just a moment.

So when the opportunity to escape presents itself, offering hope, progress, and a break, Theo is skeptical.

Can a perfect world even exist?



Drowning his troubles in whiskey, torn between the ones he loves, Ben risks losing everything he's worked desperately to protect.

Formerly "cured" in therapy, Benjamin Jacobson is unable to further explore or accept his sexuality. That is, until the charming Caden Bensen waltzes into his independent coffee shop.

As Ben plays the role of picture-perfect husband and father of two, he relishes in hidden moments of a secret relationship where he can finally embrace who he is.

As the increasing weight of a double life demands to be acknowledged, Ben must choose whether he is ready to live his truth or continue down the path of destruction.




is awkward, athletic, and knows a fun fact or two. According to his friends, the most important aspect about him is that he's still a virgin. Except, the thing is, sex never crosses Julian's mind. He doesn't understand what the big deal is. Julian's tired of all the pressure. He just wants his friends off his back once and for all.


is the captain of the soccer team and a straight A student who undeniably loves sex. And who cares? Her body, her decisions. Guys can love sex, so why can't girls? With the double standard, she's found herself with a bad rep. Her friends don't believe she can hold a relationship. But Quinn's competitive. She may not care to date but she's determined to prove her friends wrong.

Julian and Quinn

are seemingly polar opposites. Coaxed on a date through a dare, each only carry half of the story. Together, they learn there is far more to a person beyond stereotypes, society's expectations, and that love has more than one meaning.



At 26, Jemma had a thrilling job, a sophisticated man, an expensive home, and for once, her parents' approval. The only thing missing was her ex-best friend, who turned on her five years ago.

This Christmas, she’s ready for the surprise of her life; she’s going to be a fiancé.

In an unexpected turn of events, Jemma runs away to her childhood home for the first time in five years. Just in time for her family Christmas Eve party. The catch? Her ex-best friend is at the party, looking as handsome as ever, heading straight toward her.

For the first time, he has something to criticize--something to add to his long list of things he hates about her.

Jemma’s holiday is anything but jolly. With some heat-of-the-moment romance and devastating exchanges, will Jemma stay, or will she run?

‘Tis The Effing season is HEA Christmas Romance short story. If you're looking for heartbreak, friendship, and a space to grow, this is for you.